E-Commerce Surge in US

E-Commerce sales are surging rapidly in the US as more and more websites are joining this trend and this will be continuing in to coming years. The Websites which previously were providing only information and reviews and were in the category of E-Business and now moving to the next step of offering E-Commerce. Well, the difference between E-Business and E-Commerce is that you have the element of financial transaction in E-Commerce.

Here are the top five reasons for a new start-up website to join E-Commerce bandwagon. These are widely accepted payments, more convenient way to pay, Purchase protection, Quick transaction processing and safer way to pay for services and products.

E-Commerce is growing must faster than retail sales in stores. Here is an amazing trend. In quarter 2 of 2014, E-Commerce growth in US was 15.70 %,while Amazon’s growth was 26.40 %. (source: U.S. Department of Commerce, Amazon.com Inc., Internet Retailer).

If anyone is planning to start-up in e-commerce field you have to look for the niche market and think how your new ecommerce company completely changes the way people think about purchasing experiences from buying something simple to taking a cab. Uber and Scripted  were small start-ups before they became big companies.

Aslam Jeelani

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant 

& Content Writer


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