Do you want to buy ‘Views’ and ‘Likes’ on Social Networks?

According to a recent report by Ernst & Young, Eighty one percent of organizations promoting their brands on social media , measure the success of their online campaigns by the number of ‘Likes’ and ‘Views’ they get on their social network pages. But the majority of business organizations do not measure their ROI through such campaigns.

One of my friend used this kind of paid method and got thousands of ‘Likes’ and ‘Views’ in just one day. So you may think that you can ‘buy’ popularity this way, but it’s not a real measure of your ‘page’ or brand popularity and is no way useful. Well, some businesses do this just to enhance their marketing image or to impress their boss or they don’t want to do the real hard work.

It’s one thing if the business organization needs a lot of facebook ‘likes’ and ‘views’ to justify their existence, but that won’t lead to sales. The best ways to promote your business is through running Ads on Facebook, running contests and sweepstakes and engage with your customers. You have to provide a reason to people to return to you page.

Aslam Jeelani

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant


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