Six Major modules of Business Communications

Six Major models of communications are,

1. Advertising

2. Sales Promotion

3. Events & Experiences

4. Public Relations & Publicity

5. Direct Marketing &

 6. Personal Selling.

These are important because, all modes of communications, communicate something to buyers, such as establishing the brand in the memory and creating a brand image. These modes of communications can either strengthen or weaken a consumer’s view of a company.

Theses modes of communications can contribute to brand equity by creating awareness of the brand and enhancing the value and consumer’s feeling towards the brand. Some companies develop a negative image in consumers mind and general public, because of their controversial policies towards employees, negative media publicity generated by some of their activities and actions. Wal-Mart is an example of developing a negative image currently in general public. Wal-Mart is using public relations and publicity as a mode of communication and spending millions of dollars to improve its image in general public.

Companies like Dell and L.L Beans have established leadership position using direct marketing as a mode of communication, offering low prices and costs savings to the consumers. Depending on the company’s position, it can use any of these six modes of communications or a mix of these marketing communications to get successful results.

Aslam Jeelani

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant


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