Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Reputation management has gained more importance, lately due to the simple fact that consumers have quick and easy access to the internet and have many avenues to voice bad reputation publicly, which finds its way on to Google and tarnish the reputation of companies.

This is the most important reason that big companies are actively monitoring their own reputation and responding to the events as promptly as possible. Studies have shown that companies which are actively doing this, for example, Apple, Kraft and General Mills are on top of the list and on the bottom are names such as Freddy Mac and Goldman Sachs. Consumers have more choices and one of the factors for consumer decision to buy one brand instead of other is based largely on the perception of the brand itself. Again the studies have shown that a company such as Kraft, General Mills and Appleā€™s success is attributed to the positive perceptions that consumers have about these companies.

We have experts in reputation management who provide positive SEO techniques and social media management service to small and large companies.

Aslam Jeelani

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

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